Real-time TV Advertising Performance Management 


Actionable, real-time data is coming soon for your TV campaigns through Catalyst, an Adgile innovation. 
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TV advertising data fused with audience data to provide real-time insights and intelligence.

Real-time ad tracking and intelligence

Category and competitor-level understanding

Visualization and intelligence of SOV and planning metrics

Digital-like metrics, insights and accountability

Category, brand and product advertising reporting



Real-time TV impression-level exposure and consumer behaviour measurement, that closes the loop on TV advertising outcomes.

Holistic tracking of TV's contribution to short and long term business outcomes

In-campaign measurement of TV advertising performance

Understand the value of sponsorship and integration

Attribution and credit determination, assigning relevant search and social value back to TV


In-Program Branded Content

Extend your insights beyond commercial breaks to detect all branded content.

Includes product placement, lower frame supers, billboards, logo placements, sponsored segments and integrated TV commercials

Clip and track in-program content

Easily access sponsor activity related to specific programs

Download all sponsorship assets with the ability to filter by game, market or date

We are very excited to be partnering with Adgile to bring their unique and powerful technology to Canada. The two companies share a firm belief in the power of television and this partnership will create new and innovative ways of demonstrating that power to our clients and the industry at large

David Phillips, President & COO NLogic

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